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BIC America DV62si is among those underrated speakers the offers distilled performance on a budget. As a matter of fact, these are among the most capable bookshelf speakers you can get under $200 at the moment.


On a first glance, if you weren’t familiar with BIC America DV62si, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell that these are among the cheapest bookshelf speakers out there. BIC America has used decent panels and fairly durable vinyl for the cabinets. Design itself is a not your average boxy one. BIC America went with beveled edges at the front, which may or may not improve the performance of the cabinets.

However, it definitely adds to the aesthetics. Woofer cone sits in a standard rigid surround while the tweeter is enclosed in its own subtle wave guide. These come with plain black grilles, although they arguably look much better without them on. From a purely aesthetic point of view, BIC America DV62si have got to be one of the best looking budget speakers on the market. Especially considering how close they are to the $100 segment.


Next big surprise comes when we take a look at the hardware. Most of BIC America DV62si’s competition uses 4″ woofer cones or similar. BIC America went with a whopping 6.5″ poly graphite woofer that is capable of moving some serious air.

The soft dome tweeter at the top is a smaller .75″ unit, but it’s about as quick as they come. Recommended maximum power per channel is around 150 Watts, although it is probably better to go for a bit lower wattage than that. These are passive speakers, so a standalone amplifier is definitely required.

BIC America DV62si comes with magnetic shielding and a set of gold plated posts in the back. In all honesty, the type of hardware these pack are something you usually find in higher price categories. BIC America may not be a super famous brand, however they definitely deserve all the respect they can get for DV62si.


Right out of the box, these will sound amazing. A proper break-in period is absolutely recommended, but you won’t have to suffer through disappointing performance until you get there. Looking at the tone signature itself, you will notice that the tweeters are extremely punchy. To a point where some EQ adjustments are all but necessary.

Moving down the frequency range, we see great mids with lots of saturation, especially as you reach the lows. Bass is great for a 6.5″ cone and digs in as low as they say it does. With that said, the drop off is quite noticeable around 65-60Hz. On their own, BIC America DV62si will give you a fairly refined performance.

However, if you decide to use them as a part of a larger system, you will definitely get your money’s worth and then some. All in all, it only takes some basic EQ adjustments to get these to sing.

The Rumble:

Where BIC America DV62siexcel is the pure bang for the buck value. BIC America has selected a great set of hardware and built a solid cabinet to house it all. These are definitely something to keep an eye on.