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When it comes to unusual Bluetooth speakers offering a unique take on wireless audio, Addon T3 from Audio Pro takes the cake. Join us as we explore why it’s one of the best Bluetooth models for home use.


Most of the Bluetooth speaker brands out there are doing their best to design a modern looking product. We are talking heavy use of black plastic or brushed aluminum, combined with all kinds of grille designs. One in a blue moon, a brand comes along that isn’t interested in any of that.

Audi Pro’s Addon T3 is anything but conventional, that is for use. The cabinet is made completely out of aluminum aside from a leather carry handle. Finish comes in form of a solid color of your choice, and choices are plenty. Where other Bluetooth speakers are labeled boxy, Addon T3 is an actual box.

In all honesty, it looks more like a vintage piece of gear than a modern Bluetooth speaker. This way it fits right into any interior decor and easily passes as a cool ornament when it’s not moving air. If you want something unique, this is it.


One of the more attractive aspects of Addon T3 is its simplicity. The speaker packs only a handful of features while the whole thing is mostly focused on performance. Aside fro m your standard Bluetooth capability, which means v4.0 in this case, you also get a 3.5mm AUX input and a USB output.

When it comes to transducers, Audio Pro chose to go with two 2.25″ tweeters paired with a single 3.5″ woofer. Combined power output for all of these is 25 Watts. That sets the stage for some serious sound, but even so there is one more impressive thing about Addon T3. Playtime is what it all comes down to.

Every Bluetooth speaker is judged based on this. Audio Pro Addon T3 offers mind boggling 30 hours of playtime at half the volume. If you want to go flat out, that number goes down tow 12 hours. No matter how you look at it, battery life in this little thing trumps a whole range of premium competitors.


Good looks and raw specs don’t generally make for a good speaker. It is what all those components are capable of doing that matters the most. Right from the start, Addon T3 comes across as an indoor speaker. While there is definitely enough power in there, you generally won’t get the best results outside.

On top of that, adding a few walls around the speaker really helps it reach that peak performance. Two rather large tweeters do an awesome job at covering the upper end as well as a portion of the mids. They are tweeters by nature, however they are larger than what a good deal of brands pass as full range drivers.

The chunky subwoofer in the middle is really saturating the lower end, especially when you get that rear firing port working as intended. In other words, positioning the speaker closer to a wall somewhere. You will have to deal with some room acoustics, but it’s all well worth the effort.

The Rumble:

Audio Pro’s Addon T3 is a very refined type of Bluetooth speaker that looks great, sounds even better and generally works reliably. Those looking for a good home model should absolutely check this one out.