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What We Don't Like

More and more people are rediscovering a love for music through the magic of vinyl, although want a cheap system on which to do so. Thankfully ‘cheap’ no longer means ‘bad’, and Audio-Technica’s LP60 is here to show you just how good a budget turntable can be.


In the world of budget music equipment, design and aesthetics tend to be an afterthought for most companies. The LP60, however, is one of the nicest looking turntables I’ve seen in a while. The low profile, compact and minimalist design is eye-catching in both the silver and black finishes. This turntable is beautifully modern and simplistic, with a strong die-cast aluminum platter, low-impact branding and simple controls placed on the front of the device.

In fact, if you weren’t aware of the price, you’d be forgiven for thinking the LP60 was a much higher-end product. Weighing only 8.65lbs it’s light enough to be portable, but this machine isn’t aimed towards performing DJs – its simple design is more suited to blending into the background of your office or Hi-Fi setup.


The LP60 is belt driven, running at either 33 or 45 RPM, which is very common at this price. It is AC powered only, so although it’s light enough to travel with you’ll still need to find an outlet to power this little guy. It also lacks some typical features you might expect to see, such as built-in speakers or a USB interface, but thanks to its switchable phono preamp and included RCA cables, setting it up out of the box is quick and simple. The aluminum build of the platter is a feature normally reserved for more expensive devices, so it’s more than welcome here.

Audio-Technica have really tried to make a quality turntable for the first-time buyer, and in doing so they’ve had to cut back on a couple of features. But these aren’t features that will really matter to the everyday music lover who just wants to listen to their favorite albums.


Although we are presented with a well-built turntable and a very nice platter, the straight tonearm does lack support for adjusting the weight or stability. They’ve included a spare stylus for the pre-mounted cartridge, but the lack of any manual adjustments might just be a deal breaker for users who like to make changes and upgrade their equipment over time. As I’ve mentioned, this turntable is in no way aimed at the creative musician or performing DJ – the speeds are limited and there are no on-board controls for pitch shifting, so scratching is pretty much off the table.

Ultimately the LP60 is for the music consumer, not the music creator. In saying that, Audio-Technica has long been a trusted household name with a fantastic reputation for producing great quality budget products and the LP60 certainly lives up to that name.

The Rumble:

Avoiding some features and functions that most consumers might find intimidating, Audio-Technica has built the LP60 with first-time buyers in mind. They’ve made a simple and beautiful turntable that does its job and nothing more.