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AOMAIS Sport II is the ultimate outdoors speaker. Not only is it one of the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers out there at the moment, but it delivers a whole lot of performance in a very secure package.


Bluetooth speaker design is usually dictated by the materials and ideas of the brand that is making them. However, when it comes to designing a waterproof speaker, things tend to change. It all comes down to the level of protection that is implemented, and AOMAIS Sport II packs the best certification you can get for water resistance.

The body of the speaker is made of durable materials which include a rubberizedprotective layer. The entire speaker is painted black aside from the thin orange bar that goes all around the front face of the speaker. The shape they have used is an hourglass type. This wasn’t a purely aesthetic decision.

If you look at the controls, they are located right in that dip in the chassis. This way, they are protected from fall damage and impact damage. All in all, AOMAIS Sport II is a relatively attractive speaker that looks much better than other similar designs.


The core of AOMAIS Sport II consists of two transducers. Both of them combined will put out some 20 Watts of power, which is a pretty decent number for a speaker of this size and nature. Where most other speakers run IPX5 certification, this one comes with IP67.

In practical terms, that means you can submerge AOMAIS Sport II to 1 meter of depth for a maximum of 30 minutes. On top of that, you also get the highest level of particle and impact protection. Internal battery comes in form of an 1800mAh unit that will give you some 10 hours of playtime at a reasonable volume.

If you take it easy and keep at 1/3 volume, you can probably squeeze out a bit more. Additional features include a built-in microphone that turns the AOMAIS Sport II into a hands-free device as well as NFC connectivity.


No matter how water resistant a speaker is, the most important aspect of any speaker is its performance. Fortunately for us, AOMAIS did a great job at giving us something that actually sounds good. Those two drivers might be full range units, but you get great definition in both trebles and mids.

The lows are there but are fairly limited. They couldn’t have built in passive radiators as many conventional Bluetooth speakers do because that would defeat the IP67 certification. Even so, low end is more than decent all things considered. When it comes to actually dropping this thing into the water, it does live up to its protection standard.

However, it is always recommended that you don’t take it too far. It is a perfect choice for beach use, kayaking, and similar outdoor activities. In all honesty, the performance AOMAIS Sport II brings to the table is comparable to much more expensive speakers which offer absolutely no water protection.

The Rumble:

AOMAIS Sport II lives to its name as one of the best water resistant speakers on the market. It offers a great balance of power, protection and sound quality which will make any outdoor activity much more fun.