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Over time, Anker has become a trusted brand when it comes to super portable accessories. Their Anker SoundCore Mini is among the most capable Bluetooth speakers under $50. Let’s take a closer look and find out why.


The design of ultra-portable Bluetooth speakers is usually simple. After all, when you are trying to cram as much performance and battery life into a tiny chassis, you don’t generally have a lot of choices in terms of design.

Anker took the path of least resistance with SoundCore Mini. The speaker features a stubby, tubular shape with beveled edges and a rather durable choice of materials. All of the controls are on the side, while I/O ports are located on the edge of the rim.

This is both practical from a manufacturing stand point, but also very convenient for us, the users. SoundCore Mini comes in all black and is extremely compact. We are talking 2.6″ by 2.6″. In other words, it will fit a larger pocket while you can definitely stick it into your car’s cup holder. Overall, the build quality is solid.


The very core of this Bluetooth speaker is the transducer found at the top of its chassis. They have used a decent full range unit that does a good job at covering the entirety of the frequency range. What is really awesome about the SoundCore Mini are its connectivity options.

Aside from the obvious Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity with its 66ft of range, you also have the choice of using an AUX cord or a MicroSD card. SoundCore Mini features a built-in microphone with a noise canceling technology that can quickly turn it into a hands-free device. The battery life of 15 hours is nothing surprising considering it’s Anker we are talking about.

That is the figure you can count on given that you don’t push the volume to the max. As such, it’s right up there with the best in this price range. Speaking of competition, this Anker Bluetooth speaker definitely packs a versatile selection of features you don’t often get to see.


The sound quality is good. Anker markets SoundCore Mini as a great choice for those who need a more complex bass, but the limitations of a single compact full range driver are hard to beat. With that said, the performance is more than acceptable. There is a surprising amount of definition and loudness for a speaker that is so tiny.

Pairing SoundCore Mini to your devices is quick and easy. You generally won’t run into issues here even at extended range. Additionally, the built-in speaker works rather well and you can even notice the effects of noise canceling feature they boast about.

In all honesty, Anker SoundCore Mini gets you a great bang for your buck and then some. They have gone above and beyond what most other brands offer in a price range higher than this one. Unless you demand audiophile sound quality from an affordable speaker, you will love SoundCore Mini.

The Rumble:

Absolutely great bang for the buck in one of the most contested segments of the market. SoundCore Mini offers a lot of features as well as performance that is better than we expected. It’s a bargain, to say the least.