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What We Don't Like

Anker’s Premium Stereo Speaker comes across as a fairly basic solution, but one that packs a whole lot of heat. All things considered, it is one of the most capable Bluetooth speakers you can get under $100.


If there is one thing Anker is known for, it’s that practical design. This company makes a whole array of portable gadgets, and one of the main staples of that business is to have a practical design. Anker Premium Stereo speaker is boxy but features a stylish shape.

The only portion of the speaker that is covered by a grille is the front panel where the transducers are located. Top, back, and sides are all made of smooth, glossy plastic. One thing that is really cool about it is the fact that the speaker sits on a stand. This way, you don’t have to worry about vibrations spreading through the surface speaker is on, giving you a more refined tone.

Build quality overall is typical Anker level. In other words, everything feels solid and inspires confidence. They didn’t go too crazy with details, which can be seen by a rather average control cluster at the top. All in all, it looks pretty decent.


All of the aesthetics aside, Anker Premium Stereo Speaker hides its true potential behind those grilles. We have two chunky drivers located on each side of the front panel. These are 10 Watt each, giving you a total of 20 Watts of power.

In between the two speakers, Anker installed dual passive subwoofers which are a part of their MaxxBass technology. In terms of connectivity, you are looking at Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility, allowing you to pair this speaker with any of the newer smart devices. If you need a hard line, there is always the 3.5mm AUX input. Battery life is somewhat above average for this power level.

Anker claims you can squeeze out 8 hours of constant operation at 50% volume. In general, 20 Watt Bluetooth speakers are known to be power hungry, even if you jack them up with a 5200mAh battery like Anker did.


Everything we have mentioned so far should indicate that the audio quality Anker Premium Stereo speaker offers is at least pretty decent. However, we have found that it’s an understatement. For one, those two drivers really can shell out a whole lot of volume.

Pushing them hard leads to a slight onset of distortion, but only when you max out the volume knob. In terms of performance, two full range speakers found under the grille do a very decent job at covering the frequency range. The portion which gives them the most trouble, the lower end of the range, is boosted using the passive subwoofers.

They don’t really sound anywhere near as good as an active subwoofer does, but you will notice an obvious bass boost. Compared to other similar solutions out there, Anker’s MaxxBass technology actually works.

The Rumble:

Anker rarely disappoints, even with their cheaper products. Therefore, it is absolutely no surprise how good this speaker is in the field. Great output, even better sound quality and a pretty decent design. What more could we ask for?