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ReVolt Levio is a sinister looking levitating speaker that packs a whole lot of heat for the money. It’s one of the best speakers of this type on the market and today we’re going to find out why.


When it comes to the design of levitating Bluetooth speakers, you won’t find too much variety in the core concept. All brands use a ball and a base configuration. Most of the differences come in the shape of the base and the color scheme used. Here’s the thing. Those two last factors can really make or break the whole design.

ReVolt went with a very sinister but awesome looking black and red setup. The orb and most of the base is made of black plastics while there are red LED lights on both. The cool thing about these lights is that they are not overpowering the design. Instead, they offer a tasteful accent.

Unlike most orbs, the one on Levio is fully solid. That is if you don’t count the grilles at the top portion. However, since they are painted black, you get a feeling that the orb is complete. Needless to say, their decision to go black and red was a right one.


In terms of features, ReVolt Levio brings the all too familiar package. You get the orb which sports several simple controls and a USB port, while the base comes with one port as well. Aside from the Bluetooth 4.0 support, Levio stands out from its competition simply because it supports NFC connectivity.

The ReVolt folks have designed the whole speaker where you can use the base/orb setup at home and take the orb with you when you need a speaker for your outdoor activities. Speaking of which, this is a single transducer setup with a full range unit inside. Battery life you can expect offers about 8 hours of playtime, which is average.

One thing to remember here is that you need to charge both the base and the orb. Otherwise, you won’t manage to get them to work. ReVolt Levio is not a feature-packed speaker, however, it brings all the core things you could need.


Performance-wise – Levio gets the job done, to say the least. This is one of the very
few levitating speakers which actually sounds good. Grilles around the top portion of the orb ensure that you get 360 degrees sound that is capable of saturating even medium sized rooms.

In terms of volume, there is a lot to work with. You won’t get to a point where it hurts to listen to your music, but don’t worry about the speaker being too weak. Trebles are naturally good, which can also be said about mids. The low-end response is there, however it is somewhat weak.

That is something we can’t really hold against Levio seeing how it’s an issue that plagues this entire category of Bluetooth speakers. Centering the orb on the base is made easy thanks to the smart position of the LED light at the base. It doesn’t come with a centering template, which is the best possible option, but you are not forced to eyeball it either.

The Rumble:

ReVolt Levio is by far one of the best designed levitating Bluetooth speakers you can get at the moment. It comes with all of the advanced features you could need and offers a solid performance across the board.