GuitarTricks Review – The Reigning King Of Online Lessons

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AudioRumble rating 95/100

  • Nearly 20 years in the business

  • An unrivaled archive of lessons and songs to learn

  • A big roster of enthusiastic instructors

  • Slick, easy-to-use format

  • Advanced video player with 4K playback

  • An excellent Core Learning System

  • Song choices seem a bit random

  • Found it hard to bookmark lessons on the move

Price$19.99/m, $179.99/yr
Skill LevelAll Levels
Free TrialsYes
Money Back60 Days

Whether you’re an experienced shredder or have never picked up a guitar before, if you’ve been searching for online guitar lessons the chances are you have stumbled across GuitarTricks [INSERT LINK to] – one of the leading and most comprehensive guitar tutorial websites around.

Established in 1998, GuitarTricks is also the oldest of today’s tutorial sites, and has accrued an archive of 11,000 video lessons, with more than 700 songs available to learn! But old doesn’t mean stale as they’ve adapted and developed, with a modern format, enthusiastic instructors, and new lessons added weekly.

Sounds impressive, so let’s check it out.

The Format

One of GuitarTricks’ advantages is that it’s very easy to get to grips with. Whether you are learning a technique, scale, chords or a complete song, the video lesson in question sits on its own hub page that gives you accompanying information about the lesson, a progress bar, a contents section, and access to extra material such as TAB and song lyrics, where appropriate.

Each video lesson is broadcast via GuitarTricks’ new video player, which was upgraded last year. This slick and easy-to-use tool makes learning a tricky section easier, due to accurate A/B looping and the ability to use slow motion without decreasing the pitch, so you can still play along. The videos load quickly, and the newer lessons can be played back in beautifully clear 4K, whether watching on a smartphone, laptop or widescreen TV.

Learning individual songs note-by-note is a big part of GuitarTricks, with more than 700 to choose from [INSERT LINK to]. Songs from a good selection of popular bands feature, including The Beatles, Blink 182 and Pearl Jam, although some of the big names you may expect aren’t there. For example, there are no Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Jimi Hendrix or Iron Maiden song lessons, even if GuitarTricks do offer videos ‘in the style’ of these artists.

In addition to songs, beginners – and advanced players looking to learn a new style – will benefit from GuitarTricks’ Core Learning System [INSERT LINK to], which offers Guitar Fundamentals Level 1 [INSERT LINK to] and Level 2, before learners branch off to explore further courses in Blues, Country or Rock guitar. The Guitar Fundamentals levels give complete beginners clear instruction on everything from how to tune the guitar and play simple chords, to learning different scales and reading music. Instructor Lisa McCormick takes these lessons and is a very reassuring teacher, although with 32 different instructors elsewhere on the site, all varying in expertise, there’s no reason to stick to just one.


The Price

Such a comprehensive learning system doesn’t come for free, although thankfully you don’t have to pay over the odds for full access membership to GuitarTricks.

There are two ways to pay: $19.99 every month, or an annual fee of $179.99. By paying the annual fee you save $60 across the year, meaning this offers the best value for money – especially when you consider the price of a face-to-face lesson these days.

To add further value, there’s a promotional code that grants you 20% off your first payment, whether paying monthly or annually, allowing you to save up to $36. The code is: SAVE20, although it’s already been applied on this page [INSERT LINK to].

If you are keen to try before you buy, the good news is that GuitarTricks offer a generous 14-day access-all-areas free trial, as well as 24 free guitar lessons to give you an idea of what the site can offer you. These lessons include a wide range of sample videos, including warm-up exercises and scale lessons.

What We Like

One of the biggest reasons GuitarTricks is so likable is that it has close to 20 years of experience in teaching guitar online, which means the guys behind it know what works and what doesn’t. At the end of the day, 1.9 million guitarists can’t be wrong!

The other advantage of having such a long run is that they have built up a huge roster of lessons and songs to learn from – unmatched in quantity by any other online tuition site. Realistically there are probably more than you will have time to learn and explore.

We’re also a fan of the expert instructors [INSERT LINK to], who range in age, gender and style, to cater for the majority of students. Some are quite notable, including Sharon Aguilar (the lead guitarist for Cee Lo Green) and Anders Mouridsen (who has performed with the likes of John Fogerty, Taylor Swift, and Faith Evans).

Aside from the content and teachers, GuitarTricks is a winner because it’s easy-to-use, with a clean and attractive layout, while the advanced video player makes learning a little easier, especially the A/B looping and slow-mo features.

Finally, the Core Learning System is one of the best fundamental tuition systems around. Beginners will find the instruction by Lisa McCormick easy to follow, and she quickly elevates you from the beginner’s mindset by getting you to play along with a backing band within your first few lessons. Experienced players can obviously bypass these, but have the option of diving into more advanced techniques in a plethora of styles including acoustic, bluegrass, classical, funk and soul, jazz, metal, rockabilly, surf and world.

What We Don’t Like

While GuitarTricks is very good value for what you get, it’s not perfect – although the gripes are pretty minor.

The biggest issue we found was that the list of songs – while more than 700 of them – was a little unbalanced, and missing some key artists, as we’ve mentioned. For example, GuitarTricks is great if you like bands or artists such as 3 Doors Down, Elvis, BB King, the Eagles, or Creedence Clearwater Revival, who all have multiple song choices. But other iconic bands – as highlighted above – are not represented at all. Whether a licensing issue or something else, it’s a shame not to see some of our favorites.

The only other issue we had was with using the Core Learning System through the free iOS app. While the app worked very well and was simple to navigate, we found we couldn’t bookmark the current lesson on the go, meaning the next time we used the app we had to manually search for where we left off. Not a deal-breaker, but a little inconvenient.


It’s safe to say that after running for nearly 20 years, GuitarTricks has become the most complete online guitar tutorial brand out there. Its weaknesses are very minor when compared to its many strengths, and it offers both beginners and advanced players months – if not years – of resources to help develop their guitar skills.

Our Final Verdict

GuitarTricks Review – The Reigning King Of Online Lessons Take all the positives we’ve mentioned and throw in an active community, loads of tools (including a metronome, tuner, scale finder and more), backing tracks, and a free iOS and Android app, and it becomes a very tempting prospect for guitarists of all levels.

AudioRumble rating 95/100

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