Top 20 Pop, Rock, Rap, and Country Songs That Got Us Through 2020

2020 Songs

Tons of artists released music during quarantine. Let’s be honest. The year would have been a lot worse if they hadn’t. Whether you’re a music fanatic or not, you’re sure to agree there are some songs that got us through 2020 more than others. 20 Songs That Got Us Through 2020 (and Everything It Had […]

Top 10 Bluetooth Audio Devices for Sound Lovers This Year

Bluetooth audio devices

Anyone who loves to listen to music may have a deep appreciation for their Bluetooth audio devices. The use of sophisticated Bluetooth technology has revolutionized the way we listen to music and watch television. Furthermore, with the sheer volume of music many of us store in our mobiles, the ability to easily connect to Bluetooth […]

12 Best Portable Record Players – Good Vibes on the Go

Portable record players are an excellent way to bring the classic vinyl sound to almost every location. You will appreciate the perfection every time you use one in a brilliant setting. Many music enthusiasts swear by the true sound of vinyl records but cannot afford the costly turntables and stereo equipment it takes to play […]