VIZIO S2920w-C0 Review

Sometimes, it’s not only the HDTV that brings life to a room. Sure, the large screen that shows crystal-clear videos would surely capture anyone’s attention. However, without the sound quality that would match the excellent video delivery of the HDTV, it would technically be just an ordinary television. Sound delivery is what makes or breaks your listening experience. Being able to hear high-quality surround sounds takes your movie watching experience to a whole new different level, and the good news is that it doesn’t have to break the bank. Take the VIZIO S2920W-C0B 29-inch 2.0 High Definition Sound Bar with Bluetooth as an example.


Simplicity is the name of the game in terms of the design of this sound bar. It comes in the usual rectangular shape like most systems in the market and is encased with a smooth black finish. With its compact size of 28.82” in length, 3.2” in height and 2.76” in depth, it is most suitable for small or medium sized televisions. It also can be placed on table top or mounted on the wall, thus saving space and at the same time instantly adding class to your home entertainment system.


VIZIO certainly packed this sleek system with plenty of specifications that are meant to meet your needs. The sound bar is relatively easy to install and connect to your HDTV. Just use the included audio cable to the television and you’re all set to watch your favorite tv shows within minutes. This audio system also is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity (rarely to be seen in soundbars that are sold for less than $100), allowing you to connect your Bluetooth-capable media devices for endless steaming of your favorite music while relaxing on your couch. Speaking of connections, it has several inputs that your could use to connect your various devices via wiring. It is equipped with 2 Analog Audio Inputs, which include 1 stereo RCA and 1 3.5mm stereo mini jack; 2 Digital Audio Inputs, which include 1 RCA and 1 optical; and 1 RCA subwoofer output. A remote control is also included in the package, making it easy to adjust the volume and other settings from the comfort of your couch.


This gem of a speaker is clearly built to deliver rich, high-quality audio with a surround sound listening experience. Each left and right channels of sound bar are fitted with 2.75” full range drivers. The sound pressure level of this gem allows it to deliver up to 95 dB of pure, melodious sounds with almost no distortions. Various technological advancements also play a part in making sure that this beauty delivers high-quality sound. Boasting of DTS TruSurround and DTS TruVolume, this sleek system offers you a realistic, surround sound listening environment with a consistent volume, without the need for any additional speakers or even wires. However, should you wish for a more powerful delivery of bass sounds, you can easily connect an additional subwoofer via the RCA subwoofer output.


Simple in design, and simple to use, this gem can easily give you excellent full range sounds without the additional costs. This is definitely a must for those seeking a better movie-watching experience.

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