Tunai Creative Drum Review – When You Need That Extra Punch

AudioRumble rating 84/100

  • A refreshing design that combines functionality and aesthetics in a simple package.

  • Larger drivers combined with a more robust chassis ensures a good performance.

  • Plenty of low end girth which will appeal to anyone looking for extra bass.

  • The only thing that is missing here is a better selection of silicone pieces.

Phone Controls:Yes

Wanting more of a presence as well as girth sound wise is something that just about every earbud user is guilty of. Tunai Creative Drum are not only one of the best earbuds under $50, but also an answer to these wishes. Lets take a closer look.


You can do only so much in terms of earbud design that hasn’t been done before. Even so, Tunai’s Creative Drum series offer a refreshing but ultimately simple approach to a stylish earbud design. Due to the nature of these earbuds, Tunai opted for a much larger speaker housing than we usually see. Making a bulky chassis such as this one attractive takes some know-how. Tunai offers their Creative Drum series of earbuds in a variety of colors. In terms of build quality, these are pretty good. We are talking about a set of earbuds that really inspire confidence. If you are wondering how these stay inside the ear, the answer is in the way the housing is shaped as well as how it is angled in relation to the in-ear portion. Overall, Tunai has optimized the chassis in a way that holds it in place with no issues.


From a distance, there isn’t much that really stands out on Tunai Creative Drum earbuds in terms of features. You get your standard looking earbuds, a built in microphone and anaverage set of phone controls. However, when you come in for a closer look, you will notice that features offered by Tunai Creative Drum go beyond what is seen on the surface. For starters, they pack a very interesting set of drivers. Where most other brands use 10mm drivers for the most part, Tunai Creative Drum features a set of 13mm drivers which really push a decent amount of air. When combined with the larger chassis, these drivers open up room for a much more impactful sound profile. More on that a bit later. The last thing we want to mention are the cables. Tunai has used decent quality cables which inspire confidence and seem to be quite durable.


Having a set of half inch drivers has its perks, no doubt. However, size isn’t necessarily a tell tale sign of good performance. What we were interested in was how well can Tunai Creative Drum manage that additional power. As it turns out, the results are quite decent. The moment you tap into a song that is bass heavy, you will notice the low end just expand in your ears. With that said, mids tend to be quite well balanced as well. The crossover between low end girth and mid range power is natural and organic. Same goes for the transition between mid range and trebles, with only difference being the fact that trebles come out as accurate and sharp. None of this is all that surprising considering the 10Hz to 40kHz frequency response range. Just keep in mind that these are 32 Ohm earbuds.

Our Final Verdict

Tunai Creative Drum Review – When You Need That Extra Punch At the end of the day Tunai Creative Drum earbuds deliver exactly what their marketing campaign claims. You get a wider sound stage with a much beefier lower and plenty of mids to fill in whatever void there might be.

AudioRumble rating 84/100

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