Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Electric Review – Super Portable Axe

AudioRumble rating 79/100

  • The perfect travel guitar – light and compact.

  • Comes with most things you’d find on a regular guitar.

  • An aggressive, high-output humbucker.

  • Includes its own gig bag.

  • With no volume or tone control it lacks versatility.

  • You do miss the bulk and weight of a regular guitar.

  • Feels a little overpriced.

How comfortable would you feel checking your $4,000 Gibson custom onto a long-haul flight, watching it slam onto the conveyor belt and speed off into the distance? Not very comfortable at all I imagine! If you move around a lot, this Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Electric may well be the perfect guitar for you.


No, this isn’t some sort of alien guitar from the future. Despite its crazy looks, it’s a full size guitar with a classic Gibson scale length of 24.75”.

Built for traveling, there’s no more wood than you need – you get just enough for stability and a bit of tone, and that’s it. Made of solid Eastern American hard maple, it weighs just over 3lbs, which is around 70 percent lighter than a regular solid-body electric guitar. The wood comes with either a sleek natural satin finish that complements the look well, or a cool black paint job that is pretty awesome. However the black will set you back a further $15.

There’s a through-body hard maple neck, which has an ebonized rosewood fretboard and 22 medium frets, with dot inlays. Another instantly noticeable design point on this guitar is the lack of a headstock. But when your tuning controls are built into the body, who needs a cumbersome headstock?

In all, its unique and compact design wouldn’t really impress suit the stage, but for traveling this has been designed very well.


Despite its looks, it’s definitely an electric guitar as it features a single dual-rail humbucker at the bridge position. While this offers high output and plenty of aggression, there’s no volume or tone control, which is a shame – volume in particular is a pretty fundamental control.

However, controls aside, it comes with everything else you’d expect on a regular guitar, such as strap pins and a truss rod for neck adjustments, along with a standard 1/4” output jack on the rear of the body.

You’ll find chrome 14:1 tuning machines (built into the body) and an adjustable Tune-o-matic style bridge with a wraparound tailpiece, both giving you decent tuning stability, and making string changes quite straightforward.

Finally, the guitar comes with a detachable lap rest, which helps you keep it steady when playing, as well as a gig bag – essential for traveling around.


For such a light and compact guitar, it plays quite well. But it’s not a performance instrument – you only want to use this for practice and casual playing. While it’s quite comfortable to hold, and you do miss the weight and bulk of a regular guitar, and it takes a little getting used to.

The pickup gives you a pretty clear clean tone, with lots of grit for overdriven playing and the neck is quite comfortable to get up and down. But without any control knobs for volume or tone, this guitar has very little versatility. Again, good for practice but not much else.

So while this is a perfect travel companion, it will only really appeal to those who move around a lot and refuse to be without a guitar.

Our Final Verdict

Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Electric Review – Super Portable Axe Light, compact and very playable, the Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Electric is the perfect travel companion. However, with design limitations and very little versatility, the $300 price tag seems a bit high.

AudioRumble rating 79/100

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