Taylor GS Mini Mahogany Review – The Best Little Buddy

AudioRumble rating 86/100

  • Larger voice than its size would lead you to believe.

  • Comes with an excellent hard bag.

  • Beautiful varnish finish shows off the mahogany and sapele.

  • Perfect size for traveling.

  • Expensive price point.

If you want a small travel sized guitar, but haven’t pulled the trigger because they all sound like toys. Then you need to pick up a Taylor GS Mini Mahogany. It has a big sound in a teeny tiny package.


The Taylor GS Mini Mahogany is a steel-string acoustic that is travel sized. The body shape is based on Taylor’s Grand Symphony just scaled down to a scale length of 597mm (23.5”). It has a solid tropical mahogany top with X bracing that has a relief rout. Three layer laminate makes up the back and sides with two layers of sapele with poplar in the middle. The top and back are bordered with black binding.

The neck is made of sapele with an ebony fingerboard. The neck has an adjustable truss rod, 5mm dot inlays, and 20 frets. The nubone nut is 43mm (1.69”) wide. The headstock has a lexan overlay that features the Taylor name printed on it. There is also a black plastic truss rod cover. The neck attaches to the body with a scarf joint.

The bridge is ebony and has a nubone compensated saddle atop it. The strings are anchored with black plastic pins. A tortoise pattern pickguard has the distinctive Taylor shape to it. It has a plastic rosette made up of concentric circles.


The back of the body is arched so it has no bracing, which makes the overall weight of the guitar lighter. I believe this also adds to the big voice that this little guitar has.

You can purchase the Taylor ES-Go pickup separately. This is a pickup that has been engineered to be easily installed in the soundhole near the neck. After about a five minute operation you will have an acoustic/electric that will expand the versatility of this guitar.
The die-cast chrome tuners are very good quality and maintain the tuning of the guitar very well. The varnish finish looks great and feels very good. There are two chrome strap buttons that are factory installed.

It comes with the GS Mini hard bag. It is a great case that is very sturdy ready to protect your guitar no matter where you go.


It is a shame that the GS Mini Mahogany is such an expensive guitar, because it would make a very good first guitar for a new player. I don’t know too many people that will shell out that much money for a first time guitar purchase.

The GS Mini Mahogany is a musician’s travel guitar. It is designed to be taken on the road, and it is even small enough to store in the overhead compartment on an airplane. The case that comes with it is perfect for traveling as well.

The sound is way bigger than the size would make you think it would be. It is warm without any of that toy sound that many smaller sized guitars suffer from. The mahogany gives great bass response, which would having me choose this version over its spruce top sister.

Our Final Verdict

Taylor GS Mini Mahogany Review – The Best Little Buddy The GS Mini Mahogany is a musician’s travel companion. It packs a big voice in a small size. It also doesn’t take much modification to make it a stage performer beyond the intimate settings.

AudioRumble rating 86/100

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