Schecter Omen Extreme-6 Review

AudioRumble rating 91/100

  • Superb budget price.

  • Delicious looking guitar.

  • A good sound from the two Schecter humbuckers.

  • Solid finish and good craftsmanship.

  • It comes with little more than the guitar itself.

  • The quilted design may not suit everyone’s taste.

With Schecter you’re not paying big bucks for a name, so every dollar you pay for must be worth the cash. And this Omen Extreme-6 certainly shows off what the Californian company can do on a budget.


The double cutaway mahogany body on the Omen Extreme-6 features a delicious Black Cherry paint job, with an arched, quilted maple top to give it that extra ‘look at me!’ quality. It’s a lovely glossy finish, and cuts a nice defined shape – although has plenty of curves to keep it comfortable.

Other color variations for this model include a lighter Vintage Sunburst and a See-Thru Black, but the Cherry is definitely the pick of the bunch. The black chrome hardware also complements all three nicely.

The body shape allows good access to the bolt-on maple neck, which has a thin C-shape and 25.5” scale. There are 24 extra jumbo frets on the rosewood fretboard, which features pearloid vector inlays.
The classic headstock offers standard Schecter tuners, which are solid and hold their tune. It’s American designed and Indonesian made, but overall this guitar shows good craftsmanship and finish. For the price you pay, it looks and plays like more than it is.


For around $400 you’re not just getting a good looking guitar, but one with some pretty cool hardware.

The guitar comes loaded with two Schecter Diamond Plus high-output alnico humbuckers – one at the neck and one at the bridge. As standard ‘own brand’ pickups go, these are of excellent quality and provide a good range of sounds – obviously working very well for heavier styles and distortion-fuelled rock.

However, versatility is provided with three metal knurled control knobs that provide volume and tone, as well as a push/pull coil-splitter to turn your humbuckers into single-coils (and back again, of course). There’s also a conveniently placed three-way pickup selector switch.

Towards the bottom the Omen Extreme-6 includes a quality Tune-o-matic-style bridge with through-body stringing, which adds good sustain and allows for precise intonation on each string.


For the hugely affordable price, the two Schecter-made humbuckers really play well, and produce a punchy, well rounded sound that lends itself well to heavier rock styles, although it can still churn out a good vintage tone or two.

The controls, especially the push/pull coil splitter, offer good versatility and also allow you to find some nice Strat-style tones.
The extra jumbo frets and the smooth maple neck make playing this model fast and good fun, while the body of the guitar itself is very comfortable to hold.

Out of the box it doesn’t come with much more than the actualy guitar and some Ernie Ball Slinky strings, but it’s set up well with good action and is pretty much ready to go.

Our Final Verdict

Schecter Omen Extreme-6 Review While this is not Schecter's entry-level guitar, it's still a budget model. But there are no real cut corners and the look, feel and performance of the Omen Extreme-6 would suit an experienced guitarist as much as a beginner.

AudioRumble rating 91/100

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