Samsung HW-F355 Review

There are plenty of audiophiles and movie enthusiasts out there that have thought about upgrading their sound systems, but are too hesitant to make a move. One probable reason is that they believe that it would cost a tremendous amount of money to be able to get that high-quality sound delivery. Another reason is that, even if they have the money to buy an audio system, they hardly have any idea on what to buy because of the multitudes of speakers out in the market nowadays. Little do they know that amazing sound bars do exist, and for an exceptional price too.


This handsome audio system comes in a smooth black finish and a simple stylish exterior that instantly adds class to your home entertainment system without being too distracting. Based from its dimensions of 39.2 inches in length, 14.1 inches in depth and 12.5 inches in height, this gem is ideally built for televisions measuring 40 inches or larger. The wired subwoofer also has dimensions of 11.8” in height, a depth of 14.1” and a width of 6.1”, giving you excellent sound quality while blending in with the home interior. It can also be used to support the television from underneath or, to conserve space.


This soundbar offers listeners plenty of features that are mostly unheard of, given the price $200 range. For one, unlike other more expensive speakers out there on the market, this audio system is really easy to set up, enabling you to listen to your favorite music or watch movies within minutes. One thing that I love about this beauty is that it actually allows for Bluetooth connectivity, meaning if you have any devices with a compatible Bluetooth, you would be able to stream music wirelessly from your device to the speakers. Although a remote control is added to the package, you can also use your television remote to adjust the speaker’s volume according to your taste.


It can be established that having a brand name that exemplifies excellence is one way to know if a product is worth it or not. As such, the Samsung HW-F355 is one prime example. Equipped with an exceptional 3D Sound Plus Technology, it offers listeners a rich sound quality that easily fills the room. This built-in satellite audio gem also boasts of a wired active subwoofer and a 1 way-1 speaker/channel, giving a full-bodied sound delivery that brings music and movies to life.


In a nutshell, despite popular opinions, amazing sound systems that don’t break the bank still exist. With rich sounds and exceptional performance, this audio gem is a must for any audio and movie fan.

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