Peavey Millennium 5-String Review – A bass that can play anything

AudioRumble rating 95/100

  • Very versatile tone, anything from pop to metal can be covered.

  • Smooth looks, light weight.

  • Using the given components to the max.

  • Super reliable, good bang for the buck.

  • A bit more power wouldn’t hurt.

  • Gig bag not included.

Peavey is a company that grabbed a fair portion of the bass amp market with their amplifiers, but the folks have also successfully breached the bass guitar market thanks to the endlessly versatile models such as the Millennium fella we’re looking at here.


The bass features what we could describe as classic Peavey design – a sleek and smooth body with a darker multi-color finish. The one that caught our attention the most is the transparent blue model, featuring a dark blue vibe and a distinguishable headstock reminiscent to classic Fender headstock, only with more edge and sharpness to it.

Essentially, the bass is quite elegant on the aesthetic side, and gets an easy pass to any genre, both in terms of sound and looks.

Now when it comes to ergonomics, the instrument has a standard weight, somewhat light even by 5-string criteria. The craftsmanship is at a high level, with all the potential weak points well covered. This means that the neck feels strongly attached to the body, operating as a one unit, while frets on the neck are firmly in place, with no sharp edges whatsoever and zero fret noise even on the low B string.

Speaking of the neck, we’d rank this one as medium in terms of thickness. It’s not super slim and smooth, but it’s far from fat and wide as well.
The initial setup is alright, and while taking the instrument to a pro to fix the intonation and tension upon purchase is something we always recommend, you can easily go without it and still attain quality sound.


The bass utilizes a basswood body with an attached maple neck, a 34-inch scale length and a classic rosewood fingerboard with 21 frets and white dot inlays. Although basswood is a type of tonewood associated with budget-friendly guitars, we have to say that the manufacturer did a stellar job in squeezing out the max of this cheap and widely available wood through a top-notch mixture of proper electronics.

And in the electronic department, we are looking at a set of passive pickups, two straight J-style single-coil pickups, along with standard control knobs – two Tone controls for determining the presence of each of the pickups in the sonic mix, and an obligatory Master Volume knob for adjusting the overall output strength.

Additional notable features include a five-saddle bridge, a set of 19:1 ratio die-cast tuners distributed in groups of three and two along each side of the headstock, a hum cancelling feature when using both pickups, a two-way fully adjustable tension rod for neck setup, along with some elegant black hardware to sweeten the deal. Note that a gig bag is not included in the price.


When all the listed factors are combined, the results are pretty top notch. Despite not being a high-end tonewood, basswood really strikes as a perfect match with the company’s passive pickups. The light, bright, yet fat in the low-end type of groove the wood offers goes hand in hand with the slightly more grainy and gain-driven pickups, providing a fusion that can cover a vast array of styles with great efficiency.

Seeing that this is a passive bass, you get the ability to really express the sound contained in your hands. Even the smallest movements and differences in playing will be detected by passive electronic, forcing you to focus on the most important aspect of any guitar performance – your hands.

Passive electronics also mean less power than we could get with active pickups. Therefore, hooking the Millennium up with a strong amp is a smart move; and funnily enough, Peavey amps are pretty much renowned for packing a strong load of power.

Our Final Verdict

Peavey Millennium 5-String Review – A bass that can play anything Fairly light bass guitar with quality build in the given price range. Jot down your exact needs, and if this fella matches them don't hesitate to add the Peavey boy to your list of considerations.

AudioRumble rating 95/100

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