DirectlyCheap P Bass Review – Timeless precision punch at a super cheap price

AudioRumble rating 90/100

  • Very affordable, very good value for money.

  • Warm and punchy sound.

  • That pick-guard.

  • Did we mention the price is amazing?.

  • Slightly too slim construction.

  • Might lack a bit of extra low-end for some players.

If you buy an instrument from a manufacturer called Directly Cheap, should you expect a piece of cheap crap? While we kinda expected just that, this P bass actually delivers a solid sound at a cheap price. If you want to buy a strong beginner bass and save a few bucks, read on!


The bass is a direct copy of the classic Fender P Bass design, featuring that same double-cutaway body and a curvy headstock. While the company did a great job with the body by crafting a well-rounded piece, we have to say that the headstock is a bit on the not-so-pretty side. But for this price, that’s nitpicking and you should hardy discard the instrument for minor complaints like this.

Anyhow, on the practical side, the bass utilizes a super light body, which does a great job in cutting the expenses, with minimal cuts to the sonic attack.

Now, that part that kills the charm of many cheap instruments – frets. The manufacturer did a solid job, and while some frets can be a tad higher than others, the level of potential noise is minimal and easy to fix. The neck is strongly attached to the body, and rarely tends to bend, or at least that’s what the majority of long-time users had to say.

Apart from that, the neck is actually slimmer than a standard Fender P Bass and slightly easier to play depending on your preferences, which we have to say caught us by surprise a bit. Nice job, boys!


The bass utilizes an ultra light basswood body, mixed up with a maple neck with a truss rod, along with a classic rosewood fingerboard with 20 frets and white dot inlays. A nice little budget package used by a variety of manufacturers out there, although the price is lower than many competitive items right here.

As for the electronic stuff, this is a passive instrument with a split single-coil pickup right in the middle, that does a great job in mimicking the renowned precision sound cultivated by team Fender since way back in ’51. This means you’ll be getting a sound that’s a bit more on the massive side, with a strong punches and kicks all over the map. But more on that in the next section.

Additionally, the electronic gizmos include two knobs for tonal control that allow decent versatility and a variety of sonic options.

When it comes to other notable features, the bass utilizes a four-saddle fixed bridge, a set of solid die-cast tuners, chrome hardware and a large pick-guard. Actually, we gotta praise that pick-guard. It’s a three-ply model, and a large one, something that’s worth $40 on its own. How the manufacturer managed to squeeze in all the other goods for around $100 is a bit of a mystery to us.


Two words – warm and punchy. While the thin body costs the bass a bit of mass in the low-end section, it still manages to retain a decently well-rounded sound, even exceptionally well for a price this low. Remember, we are talking a $150 instrument here, and the idea that you can kick off an actual musician journey or even find your life calling for that little is kinda amazing.

Anyway, the slim neck also makes the instrument quite easy to play, and as far as beginners go, you’ll hardly need better. Note that the bass isn’t too strong, so when you hit the gigs make sure to bring a solid amp, but as far as house practice and band rehearsals go, your back is very well covered. Being a passive instrument, the bass is quite delicate and expresses even the most minute changes in your fingering technique, which is awesome for newbies. The sound is clean and we dig it.

Our Final Verdict

DirectlyCheap P Bass Review – Timeless precision punch at a super cheap price So the big question – does this fella has everything a beginner bassist needs? Yes, absolutely. It gives a great sonic punch and the price is quite neat. I like this bass, and if you like what you see too, I wouldn't say anything against getting it.

AudioRumble rating 90/100

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