Diadem Solid Wood Electric Bass Review – Never has a solid beginner bass been this cheap

AudioRumble rating 92/100

  • Plain amazing price and value for money.

  • Solid sound.

  • Strong, durable build.

  • Nice looks.

  • Professional setup upon purchase highly recommended.

  • Minor fret buzz.

We have to say, this bass has set us aback a little bit. When we talk about solid beginner basses, usually the lowest price we can think of that will get you anything near a decent product is $150. Well, we found this fella called Diadem for friggin’ 80 bucks. We figured it’s cheap, why not give it a shot. And hot damn, it’s actually good!


This is essentially a copy of a classic Fender Jazz bass, and the design is very much the same to the timeless Fender instrument. We are looking at that same double-cutaway curvy body shape, the same type of headstock, the same hardware, the same tuners and the same vibe. The instrument is available in three color finishes – Classic Black, our favorite Sunburst, and Vintage Red – they all look quite nice, and we can definitely say that this bass looks pretty.

Now the practical department – the instrument is fairly light, which is good, while the neck is just a tad more on the chunky side, which isn’t great, but isn’t bad either. As for the frets, the company did a decent fret job, and while there might be a few pointy edges here and there, the frets stand firmly in position and fret buzz isn’t too troublesome. We definitely recommend taking this bass to a pro for a little setup upon purchase. That’s not bad either, we recommend a professional setup for the majority of beginner basses. If you have a bass teacher, there’s a good chance they’ll be able to manage this one for ya.


The instrument utilizes a solid wood body with an attached Canada maple neck, and a maple fingerboard with 21 frets and standard white dot inlays. Standard stuff so far, budget-friendly components on a budget-friendly guitar.

In the electronic department, the bass packs a set of two Jazz pickups located in the neck and bridge positions. This means that also included in the mix are three control knobs – an obligatory Master Volume knob, as well as two Tone controls to determine the sonic dominance of each of the pickups.

Additional notable features include a standard fixed saddle bridge, a white pick-guard, a bone nut, a set of four die-cast tuners, and chrome hardware. These are all features you can expect from your standard Fender Jazz copy, but what makes the Diadem stand out is once again the price. There’s an art of crafting a good instrument within a certain price range, and this manufacturer has mastered it.


Smooth would be the key word here. After all, this is a Jazz pickup-equipped instrument, and that means a well-rounded sound with a stronger low end, moderately punchy middles and a pinch of treble brightness to round it all up.

Nothing stands out in particular, but the great thing is that nothing drastically drags down the performance quality of the instrument. The sound is good – smooth, bass-driven, easy to manipulate through Tone switches – the build quality is also good, the level of playability is at a satisfactory level, the loudness level is adequate and there’s nothing really stopping you from jamming away.

If you are a new learner, this thing has your back covered all the way, both for bedroom practice and band rehearsals. Heck, with a decent amp it will work just fine for live shows as well. It’s kinda amazing that you can get an actual musical instrument for $80 these days, a tool that just might start off an incredibly valuable hobby or even a career and life calling. Some folks spend this much money for their weekly coffee supply, and we certainly say that knowing how to make music beats that!

Our Final Verdict

Diadem Solid Wood Electric Bass Review – Never has a solid beginner bass been this cheap I did not expect to see the day when I'll play a decent beginner bass for measly $80, yet it happened thanks to this fella here. Kudos to the company for bringing the joy of music to the masses!

AudioRumble rating 92/100

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