COSPOR Magnetic Review – Pushing The Limits

AudioRumble rating 78/100

  • A great design that is somewhat unusual but ultimately quite effective.

  • Magnetic transducer housing allows you to store the earbuds without them becoming a mess.

  • Well balanced performance with no accentuated frequency bands is always a plus with affordable earbuds.

  • Although we appreciate the aesthetics, a few more color themes would have been great.

Phone Controls:Yes

Not so long ago, finding a good affordable set of earbuds was extremely hard. These days the situation is vastly different. COSPOR Magnetic are not just some of the best earbuds you can get under $20, but they are pushing the limits of the affordable segment of the market.


Looking at the design of COSPOR Magnetic, it quickly becomes apparent that these are anything but ordinary. We have a rather large metal housing which is triangular in profile. When you first see it, this design may seem to be counter intuitive to say the least. However, the design of the housing isn’t the only factor defining how well earbuds are going to sit in your ear. Balance also has a lot to do with it. Bulky aesthetics aside, these earbuds look quite incredible. COSPOR used a great color pattern, making COSPOR Magnetic quite attractive in a very stylish way. More importantly, the build quality is on point. Everything about these earbuds inspires confidence, especially the cable which feels sturdy enough to withstand all kinds of wear. Once we start looking into features, we will see that COSPOR Magnetic earbuds hide quite a few surprises.


In terms of features, COSPOR went above and beyond what most would have expected from them. For the most part, COSPOR Magnetic are fairly standard in a sense that you get a quality cable, a built in microphone and phone controls. What isn’t so standard are the speakers and the magnetic speaker housing that is also present. The set of transducers used by COSPOR is pretty impressive. We will get into their performance in just a bit, but the hardware itself is quite impressive. The magnetic transducer housing is there to make it easy to store the earbuds when not in use. When put in close proximity, they will snap together and stay that way. You can wear them around your neck but also fold them neatly in your pocket. The size and shape of silicone ear buds is quite comfortable but also durable. Overall COSPOR Magnetic are well balanced.


The performance aspect of COSPOR Magnetic earbuds is where things become interesting. One of the common flaws that most budget earbuds share is the emphasized lower end. This is actually something we often see in headphones as well. While creating a massive bass is a great way to mask all the imperfections of the earbuds and give an illusion of power, it becomes old pretty quick. COSPOR Magnetic don’t suffer from that. Instead, you get a well balanced frequency range which makes them a great choice for a variety of music genres. Despite their odd shape, these earbuds tend to stay in place almost effortlessly. The three provided ear bud sizes help quite a bit and are optimized to cover most user preferences. Best of all, the built in controls are compatible with both Apple and Android devices. You can manage calls, volume but also rewind or skip tracks.

Our Final Verdict

COSPOR Magnetic Review – Pushing The Limits

AudioRumble rating 78/100

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