The Best Subwoofer Under $500 – Finding the Perfect One

$500 is around the range for a subwoofer where a lot more can be demanded both in terms of performance and design. Not only do these subwoofers sound far better than options at $300 and $200, they also enhance the feature set as well as go more in-depth in terms of design.

These subwoofers step out of the value realm, into a more premium design. While not the cream of the crop, these are all excellent subwoofers that ooze quality in every way.

Best Subwoofers Under $500

Polk DSWPRO 660wi

3.95 Stars
  • Polk DSWPRO 660wi Review – A Lesson In Design
  • Polk DSWPRO 660wi Review – A Lesson In Design
  • Polk DSWPRO 660wi Review – A Lesson In Design
  • Remote functionality.

  • Night mode.

  • Beautiful and innovative design.

  • Decent, but subpar audio experience.

The Polk Audio DSWPRO 660wi is a fully packed subwoofer that delivers decent performance overall. The innovative and attractive design compliment the extensive feature set, only slightly muddied by good, but subpar, performance.

AudioRumble rating 79/100

Klipsch R-12SW

4.4 Stars
  • Klipsch R-12SW Review – A Cut Above
  • Klipsch R-12SW Review – A Cut Above
  • Klipsch R-12SW Review – A Cut Above
  • Beautiful copper woofer.

  • Exceptional performance.

  • High headroom digital amplifier.

  • Significantly lacks in features at this price.

This more expensive offering from Klipsch proves why the name is so recognized. The 12” inch copper spun woofer not only sounds amazing, but looks the part as well. If you have any Klipsch reference speakers, you need this sub.

AudioRumble rating 88/100

JBL Sub 260P

4.2 Stars
  • JBL Sub 260P Review – Lean And Elegant
  • JBL Sub 260P Review – Lean And Elegant
  • JBL Sub 260P Review – Lean And Elegant
  • Bass boost switch.

  • Expertly tuned woofer.

  • Highly efficient amp with a lot of headroom.

  • Not the the most attractive subwoofer.

While at first glance the Sub 260P isn’t flooring, the performance speaks for itself. A competent feature set combines with expert design and an excellent woofer to create a fantastic subwoofer. While it doesn’t on every front, it sure sounds amazing.

AudioRumble rating 84/100


At $500, these are some of the best subwoofers best subwoofers out there. Period. While value doesn’t play as much of role as it does at lower price points, performance wins out and easily justifies the cost.

That also means that these subwoofers aren’t for everyone. Instead of trying to be the most intuitive, all of these subwoofers are geared more towards enthusiasts. For that money, you more than likely are interested in audio and we took that into consideration when evaluating which subwoofers are the best at this price.


Subwoofers in this category really step up the feature set, bringing practical features to a table that make a serious difference in context of a full system. Of course, internal features are expected and add serious performance buffs, but external features are the focal point here. Things like remote functionality, room tuning, and more show up, proving these are subwoofers that are made a cut above.

The feature sets are all different, so you’re going to have to do some research to find the one that fits your needs. However, a trend that follows with all of them is a high headroom amplifier. 300W minimum RMS with dynamic ratings that easily reach into the 600W range mean that all of these subwoofers can not only be turned way up, but also be incredibly clean at low volumes.


Continuing with the trend of more expensive subwoofers, the ones at this price point distance themselves from each other vastly in terms of design. However, one thing remains; they are all beautiful.

It’s clear, at this price, that all of these subwoofers have been designed with aesthetics in mind. Gorgeous woofers, intuitive design, and clean edges all lead to some really good looking subwoofers. There are issues, though. With such ventures out of a stock design, these subwoofers won’t integrate with all systems perfectly. Still, if you’re dropping $500 on a subwoofer, you’ve probably thought through the look of your whole setup.


For $500, you get incredible performance, rock solid build quality, extensive features, and gorgeous design. Each of these options feel premium, not making you feel robbed of your money. For enthusiasts that don’t want to go overboard, this is an excellent price point, granting all of the things that are important to those who care about their audio without going too deep into the points of diminishing returns.

No, the point of diminishing returns are strictly reserved for subwoofers at the $1000 price point.


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