The Best Subwoofer Under $300 – Stepping up the Game

There is a significant jump going to monitors in the $300 price range. Heading out of the inexpensive range, these subwoofers feature a much more extreme caliber of specification, making the subwoofers feel more premium overall.

Features, like phase reversal, tunable crossover, and auto signal sensing are all present and expected at this price point. However, features in the construction of both the cabinet and woofer take these subwoofers to a whole new level.

Best Subwoofers Under $300

Polk Audio PSW125

4.7 Stars
  • Polk Audio PSW125 Review – A Well-Rounded Joy
  • Polk Audio PSW125 Review – A Well-Rounded Joy
  • Polk Audio PSW125 Review – A Well-Rounded Joy
  • Beautiful design.

  • Loud and fruitful low-end.

  • Detachable power cable.

  • Could be more features at this price.

This subwoofer is one of the best values you can get under $300. The rigid build quality, high headroom 300W amplifier, and Dynamic Balance driver make this an amazing sounding subwoofer at an an excellent price.

AudioRumble rating 94/100

BIC America H-100II

4.1 Stars
  • BIC America H-100II Review – Big, bold, and beautiful
  • BIC America H-100II Review – Big, bold, and beautiful
  • BIC America H-100II Review – Big, bold, and beautiful
  • Beautiful front cone.

  • Detachable power cable.

  • Satisfying low-end.

  • Not as tight as other subwoofers.

  • Rear, circular port.

The BIC America H-100II is a beautiful subwoofer that performs well. While not the best subwoofer at the price, it still manages superb quality in terms of sound and build. While not the best, this subwoofer is still exceptional.

AudioRumble rating 82/100

Klipsch Sub-12HG

4.4 Stars
  • Klipsch Sub-12HG Review – A subwoofer worthy of the name
  • Klipsch Sub-12HG Review – A subwoofer worthy of the name
  • Klipsch Sub-12HG Review – A subwoofer worthy of the name
  • Big and bold sound.

  • Extended low-end.

  • High headroom with the BASH amplifier.

  • Dated design.

Klipsch’s old school bottom firing subwoofer is still incredible sounding. The BASH amplifier provides 650W of dynamic power, giving plenty of headroom for most workloads.

AudioRumble rating 88/100


$300 is the price point where a lot more can, and should be expected out of a subwoofer. AS opposed to options under $100 and under $200, these subwoofers are not just about value, they are about performance.

For the money, these subwoofers add a lot in terms of build quality and design, while not necessarily beefing up the feature set of more inexpensive options. Still, the premium in cost is well justified, leading to a subwoofer that is far better constructed, far better designed, and will sound better for longer overall.


Features are not always skin deep, and while these subwoofers don’t hold much more externally to more inexpensive options, they do a lot to beef up the features internally. The best subwoofers hold a lot of features both in the design of the cabinet internally and in the design of the speaker. At this price point, you really start to see this come to fruition.

The interior of the cabinets and the design of the woofers here are the focal point of these subwoofers, taking their “feature set” internal. Of course, external features are still lacking, but it is easily forgiven when the internal design is taken into context.

Of course, phase reversal, auto signal sensing, and tunable crossover are still present on all of these subwoofers. So, while not ‘feature-rich’, they certainly aren’t barren in terms of external features, either.


Again, $300 marks a shift from inexpensive options in terms of design. These subwoofers branch out in their aesthetic, branding the company’s the produce the product more, and giving a more unique appearance. Since looks are so important when choosing a subwoofer, a lot of choice will come down to your personal tastes at this price bracket.

However, some trends still do occur. All of the models are constructed of medium to high density MDF with either a black or faux wood finish. Real wood and more exotic finishes are reserved for more expensive options.


This price bracket is really a turning point in subwoofers. Sub-$300 options are the first that truly give a premium experience without being too crazy expensive. The high quality build, attention to detail in design, and excellent sound quality combine together to make these subwoofers feel like more than a toy.

Of course, there are issues like lack of real wood and missing features, but that really is too be expected considering how well these subwoofers perform otherwise.


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