Best Subwoofers Under $1000 – The Cream of the Crop

Unlike the lower price brackets of $500 and $300, $1000 breaks the trend, focusing more on sophisticated sound and less on extensive features. Yes, the manufacturers have dialed down things like remote functionality and tweaking controls, but the tradeoff is something much sweeter. Performance is king, and these subwoofers exemplify that on a grand scale.

That isn’t to say they slouch in other areas because they certainly don’t. Each of the speakers are beautifully designed, and bring features that matter, still focusing on the sound as the focal point.

Best Subwoofers Under $1000

SVS PB-2000

4.65 Stars
  • SVS PB-2000 Review – Perfection In A 12 Inches
  • SVS PB-2000 Review – Perfection In A 12 Inches
  • SVS PB-2000 Review – Perfection In A 12 Inches
  • Massive sound.

  • Tight Response with the front port.

  • Phase knob as opposed to switch.

  • Missing DSP acceleration.

  • A little ugly.

No, it’s not the prettiest subwoofer out there. However, the PB-2000 sounds amazing. Driven by a 12" woofer and 500 watts RMS, 1,100 watts peak power Sledge STA-500D DSP amplifier, this subwoofer can easily shake the floor.

AudioRumble rating 93/100

KEF Q400

4.15 Stars
  • KEF Q400 Review – A Lesson In Performance
  • KEF Q400 Review – A Lesson In Performance
  • KEF Q400 Review – A Lesson In Performance
  • Gorgeous design.

  • Mature performance.

  • Bass boost switch.

  • Lack of extensive features.

KEF’s Q400 isn’t the best subwoofer. A lack of features hold this otherwise gorgeous contender back. However, the performance stands on it’s own, with a tight and refined sound that can only be expected from KEF.

AudioRumble rating 83/100

MartinLogan Dynamo 700W

4.3 Stars
  • MartinLogan Dynamo 700W Review – Small, But Powerful
  • MartinLogan Dynamo 700W Review – Small, But Powerful
  • MartinLogan Dynamo 700W Review – Small, But Powerful
  • Transformative design.

  • Included wireless receiver and transmitter.

  • MartinLogan level of performance.

  • Not many tweaking features.

This subwoofer is a lesson in sound. The 10” woofer and 300W RMS amp look like a step in the opposite direction, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. This subwoofer sounds gorgeous, with built in wireless connectivity being the cherry on top.

AudioRumble rating 86/100


Being top-tier speaker, you may be inclined to think these are the best subwoofers out there. However, that’s not the whole story, Yes, these subwoofers sound amazing and some would argue that they are some of the best sounding out there. The issue comes with the price. These subwoofers are expensive, and this price bracket is where that starts to pose a bit on an issue.

This is the point of diminishing return for subwoofers. While they are better than cheaper options, they are not better by the ratio of their price. The dropoff is less of a concern for audiophiles looking for the utmost performance. However, if you’re trying to get the best value, this isn’t the best place to look.


Subwoofers at $1000 step backward in terms of features. That may seem counterintuitive, but if you know what you’re looking for in a subwoofer then this should make sense. For extensive features, you’re going to have to jump up even higher in price. No, these subwoofers trim down the features in favor of better design of the woofer, cabinet, and internal structure.

That’s not to say features aren’t present. Familiar things like phase, tunable crossover,and automatic signal sensing are, of course, present. Furthermore, features like different positioning options push these subwoofers to be a cut above cheaper options. The features here matter in terms of the sound, adding to that overall focus.


Each of these subwoofers are beautiful. The majority of them are smaller than previous options. Again, focus on sound, not on specs. Following suit with dialing things back, each of these subwoofers feature a clean, black-box styled aesthetic. However, there’s something that feels more premium. The subwoofers don’t just fit in, but they fit in while looking independently beautiful.

Additionally, the build of these seem much more rigid. This is inclusive of both the cabinet and woofer housing, reinforcing the whole subwoofer. This brings not only longevity internally and externally, in addition to improving the overall response of the box.


Now, don’t misunderstand anything that I’m saying here. Each one of these subwoofers is beautifully designed with a low-end that’s tight and consistent, thumping your house with each hit. The features, while not extensive, provide a few options for integrating the subwoofers into your setup in the most seamless way.

There is something to be said about diminishing returns within every one of these subwoofers. In theory, they are not as good of a value as the lower price tiers. However, at $1000, value may not be the focal point. Performance is the focal point, and these speakers are examples of that.


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