Top 6 Studio Monitor Speakers Under $300 – Stepping Into Transparent Territory

The $300 price range is where you will start seeing a real improvement in both transparency and overall tone quality. Even though some of these speakers might seem similar to those found in the $200 segment of the market, there's a significant difference. Today we've prepared some of the best monitor speakers under $300 for you to check out. The models listed below include some of the proven veterans of this segment, as well as some new arrivals that have a lot to offer. If you're looking for a reasonably good performance on a budget, you're in the right place.

6 Best Studio Monitor Speakers Under $300

IK Multimedia may not be a household name, but they may well be on their way to becoming one. The iLoud Micro Monitors are a real surprise. A design that sets them apart from the competition in a big way turns out not to be just a gimmick, and the speakers deliver an audio performance that far exceeds expectations.

PreSonus are dedicated to producing versatile audio equipment which works for both the broad consumer market and professionals alike, and their experience in the industry is demonstrated in the success of the E5s. Marrying form and function, and with a wide variety of options when it comes to inputs and mixing, this is a great choice for the price range.

No matter how saturated the monitor speaker market is, when JBL drops an affordable model, we pay attention. JBL LSR305 brings an impressive amount of transparency to the segment of the market where this is still fairly rare. That type of performance is made possible thanks to their Image Control waveguide design, as well as great acoustic controls.

Although not the most inspiring design, the Stage Right’s from Monoprice deliver where it counts: audio performance. If you’re looking for a more interesting aesthetic and a more robust feature list, then you will want to look at other avenues. But if you’re all about the audio performance, this is about as accurate as it gets at this price range.

KRK's Rokit 5 Gen 3 is the third iteration of a proven monitor speaker designed for the affordable segment. The overall design has changed compared to Gen 2, and so did the performance. The core of what made these great is still there, however you are looking at more girth in the lower end of the frequency range.

The M-Audio BX5 Carbon speakers are right on the edge of the super affordable segment, but they offer a performance puts them much higher. These work great in smaller rooms due to their somewhat limited power. M-Audio has made it easy to find the sweet spot and get the best possible performance. These are a true bang for the buck monitors.

What To Expect From $300 Monitor Speakers?

There are several distinctive attributes that are inherent for this segment of the market. First and foremost, you are most exclusively dealing with 5" drivers of various power. For the most part, a transducer of this size is going to be more than enough for home studio use. This is also why most of the beginner and budget users go for a speaker in this price range, leaving the stuff in the $500 bracket to a more professional crowd.

With that said, the monitors you can get for 300 dollars are far from bad. As a matter of fact, some of them are easily among the best monitor speakers on the market. Choosing the right set comes down to knowing the space you will be working in. Most of these speakers come with some sort of acoustic space control. Some will have a more elaborate system in place, while others not so much. Either way, you will definitely have some options in this regard.

Maxium Power Isn't Always The Best Thing

The next big thing is the waveguides department and frequency response. Some speakers, such as the JBL's LSR305, come with rather advanced waveguides that do a lot in terms of dispersion control. Brands are generally trying to balance out price and performance in this segment, giving you a bit more refined output. Most of the speakers found here are going to have a relatively flat and transparent response.

As you probably know by now, this is exactly what you want to have as a music producer. Unfortunately, that mostly applies to mids and trebles as the lower end of the frequency range is still a bit unstable due to 5" drivers. On top of that, you have rear facing ports on most models, which require you to apply some caution whenpositioning the speakers.

The best way to find a good solution in the $300 range is to start with the power output you think will be comfortable for your needs. This metric varies quite a bit as different brand consider overall power output to be more or less important. A good way to go about this is to stick with proven models as they are usually improved every year or so.


The $300 price range is where some of the best bang-for-the-buck monitor speakers can be found. The ones we've included on this list are just the tip of the iceberg, but also some of the best you can get at the moment. Compared to cheaper models, a $300 set of monitors will give you much more control over your sound. On top of that, the boost in performance is just too significant to ignore. If you're a casual user or an aspiring professional, these monitor speakers will give you the performance you need to properly mix music.[/text]

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