Best Home Projector Screens – The Canvas For Your Media

Best Home Projector Screens – The Canvas For Your Media

+ Silver Ticket Products STR-235138 Silver Ticket Products STR-235138
AudioRumble rating 95/100
+ Elite Screens Spectrum Elite Screens Spectrum
AudioRumble rating 93/100
+ VIVO 100 Portable Projector Screen VIVO 100 Portable Projector Screen
AudioRumble rating 81/100
Finding the right projector screen is essential to extracting the best possible performance out of your projector. No matter how simple this piece of gear seems, there are a few layers to it which can really make a difference in the end result. Today we are going to show you some of the best projector screens out there, as well as talk a little about what makes a good projector screen. By the time we are done here, you should have all the info to make the best possible choice for your setup. Let’s begin with the overview of our picks.

Best Home Projector Screens

Silver Ticket Products STR-235138

4.75 Stars

AudioRumble rating 95/100

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Silver Ticket Products STR-235138 is a more refined solution for those who need a static projector screen. They’ve chosen a good selection of materials to bring this thing to the market. Despite it having some minor flaws, this projector screen is definitely among the best ones you can get at the moment.

Elite Screens Spectrum

4.65 Stars

AudioRumble rating 93/100

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Elite Screens Spectrum is a great electric folding solution that takes care of the issue of space and projector screens. While designing this model, Elite Screens has taken care of every single aspect that is relevant to both mounting and operating the screen. On top of that all, the price is fairly reasonable considering what you get.

VIVO 100 Portable Projector Screen

4.05 Stars

AudioRumble rating 81/100

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VIVO 100 Portable Projector Screen is one of those models which are there to bring you the optimal core performance and not much else. What’s great about it is the fact that VIVO focused on what really matters and put everything else as a secondary objective. This way we got a great bang for the buck value.

What Makes A Good Projector Screen?

Before we go into details, there is one thing we need to mention briefly. Spending a large chunk of money on the best home projector and then going for the cheapest screen, is the worst thing you can do. Many projector users don’t understand just how important this piece of gear actually is. Sometimes projector screens can cost as much as projectors themselves, but there is a good reason for that. Bottom line is, factor in this piece of gear when you’re setting up a budget for your home theater.

Moving on tho projector screens, there are several things to look out for. First and the most obvious one is the size. Selecting the right size is imperative if you want the optimal performance, but also the optimal use of your space. If you have dedicated a smaller room for your home theater, there is no use getting a screen that is larger than the wall. Another factor that ties directly into the size of the screen is the aspect ratio. This is also going to heavily depend on your projector. Fortunately for us, most brands these days offer their screens in various ratios so you can choose the one that fits your needs.

Among the more specific features to look out for is the so-called ‘gain’ of the screen. This is nothing more than a measurement of how well the screen will reflect the light from the projector. There are high gain screens which carry a 2.0 or higher, designation. On the other hand, you have screens which have very little gain, such as the 1.1 models. Gain is good but you don’t want to go overboard. Too much gain and you’re starting to lose clarity as well as color definition. The best place to be is around 1.1 gain.

Lastly, we have the material the screen is made of. There are numerous options on the market, from what is called ‘white material’, to woven screens and similar. On top of that, you got rigid and soft screens. The difference in materials is mostly related to how they handle sound. This becomes a factor when you want to set speakers behind the screen itself. While it is not essential, choosing the right material can enhance your experience.


Selecting a good projector screen isn’t simple, but it’s not that hard either. Your most important criteria is always going to be the size and shape of your room. Find the screen that best fits your home theater plan and just go with it. Some will recommend that you look into paints, but that’s never going to give you nearly as good of a result. Check out the models above as they’re definitely some of the best available at the moment. You’ll find that they belong to various types and price ranges, making it easy to find the right one.

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