Top 3 Bluetooth Speakers Under $200 – Pushing The Quality Of Sound Higher

Going for a high-end Bluetooth speaker might sound counter-intuitive for most, but there are people who simply demand a certain level of sound quality wherever they go. For an individual who belongs to this group, pure mobility is not enough. Some probably won't be content even with a $100 Bluetooth speaker. Today we have prepared some of the high-end Bluetooth speakers for you to check out. The models we went with offer great performance but also great aesthetics as well. Needless to say, these are going to be some of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market.

3 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Under $200

Harman Kardon designs include some pretty interesting Bluetooth speakers. Onyx Studio 3 has been the latest iteration of this family, and it packs a mean punch. With four massive transducers and 60 Watts of power available, you are presented with the type of sound stage that you usually see with audiophile bookshelf speakers. Overall, an amazing Bluetooth speaker.

House Of Marley isn't a brand that commands a high amount of authority as some out there, but their Get Together Bluetooth speaker is definitely a piece of art. Featuring a larger chassis made of all organic materials, Get Together looks unusually attractive. On top of that, we have two sizable drivers paired with two tweeters that deliver great performance.

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II is one of their best compact solutions in this segment of the market. They have managed to find the perfect transducers which are capable of delivering great tone despite their smaller size. In terms of pure performance, this speaker is hard to beat if you're looking for compact and light models.

What To Expect From A $200 Bluetooth Speaker?

A lot of people have this impression that expensive Bluetooth speakers are nothing more than a way for brands to trick users into spending more money. In other words, one of the more shared opinions is that a $50 Bluetooth speaker works every bit as well as one that is four times more expensive. That is not the case at all. High-end speakers, such as the ones on the list above, bring with them a few significant improvements. Features are generally going to be more or less the same as the ones found in the affordable segment. There are plenty of cheap Bluetooth speakers that have a built in microphone, just like the models above.

However, we need to talk about performance if we really want to justify the price. High-end Bluetooth speakers will usually feature much larger drivers and more of them as well. This is where you start seeing dedicated tweeters, midrange transducers and passive radiators with bass ports. Larger transducers mean a better handling of the frequency range. On a similar note, the addition of tweeters and passive radiators means that all of the three most basic parts of the frequency range are handled by dedicated speakers.

That fact alone does a lot for sound quality. Furthermore, high-end Bluetooth speakers will feature a lot higher power output. Where entry level ones offer some 5-10 Watts, these will get you anywhere from 20 Watts to 60 Watts. Since more power usually equals more volume, the array of possible applications becomes a lot more diverse.

With that said, performance is not the only thing that gets better. Design and materials used are also going to be a lot better. High-end speakers usually feature aluminum chassis or even a wooden one. Build quality is great in most cases as well.


At the end of the day, there are many reasons why investing in a higher-end Bluetooth speaker is a good decision. For those who have strict standards in terms of sound quality, this is a no-brainer decision. Models we have mentioned above are in our opinion some of the best performing as well as best looking ones out there. You'll probably notice that the brands we went with are well known in the industry. That's because we did our best to find Bluetooth speakers which have been proven as reliable, saving you from questionable performance as well as sound.

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