ActionPie BS1 Review – All The Bass You Could Ever Need

AudioRumble rating 81/100

  • One of the most interesting and audacious designs on the market, but one that works.

  • Each earbud packs two high quality, highly responsive magnets which offers real performance boost.

  • Massive sound especially with an accentuated lower end means plenty of bass and power.

  • One thing we would've liked to see is a better balance across the frequency range.

Phone Controls:Yes

If there is one thing that most earbuds are lacking, it is bass. Fortunately, ActionPie BS1 brings plenty of that. Because of that, these are among the best earbuds you can get for less than $20 at the moment. Lets take a closer look.


To say that ActionPie BS1 look odd would be an understatement. With their weird, transparent speaker housing, angled ear buds and bulky aesthetics, these look like they would be anything but comfortable. However, the truth is completely different. For starters, ActionPie isn’t the first brand to utilize this particular design. Fortunately for us, there have been plenty of similar models out there, which have ironed out the design and workout out any quirks it could have had in the past. With BS1, we are left with a more or less flawless execution of a pretty interesting design. In terms of build quality, ActionPie has covered all of their bases. Just about any particular component you look at is going to show good craftsmanship and inspire confidence. Last but not least, ActionPieBS1 comes in two colors, although we would like to have seen more choices.


The whole idea behind this particular earbud design is rooted in the use of two massive magnets which drive two transducers. That is why the housing speaker housing is so massive. In case of ActionPie BS1, they have used the same neodymium iron boron magnets that are proven to offer the best performance overall. By having more than a single driver in there, ActionPie BS1 is able to cover a wider frequency range. In other words, each driver does a very specific job, which leads to a more wholesome sound overall. Aside from the drivers, ActionPie BS1 features a built in microphone as well as your standard phone controls. You could say that ActionPie could have installed more interesting features, but we feel that there is simply no need for that. As things are right now, BS1 are promising to be one of the most impressive earbuds overall.


We have discussed the hardware and aesthetics of ActionPie BS1, but performance is what actually matters the most. By far the most noticeable performance trait is going to be the massive bass you get. When they say that BS1 is moving some serious air, they aren’t joking. These earbuds are one of the best when it comes to bass, at least in this price range. However, massive bass doesn’t necessarily mean that other portions of the frequency range are not represented as equally. In our experience, ActionPie BS1 packs alot of meat and clarity in the mid range with pretty accurate trebles. None of this is surprising considering that those magnets in each earbud are quite fast and responsive compared to your regular setup. Last but not least, we have to touch upon the fit. As odd as these look, they fit and stay in the ear quite nicely.

Our Final Verdict

ActionPie BS1 Review – All The Bass You Could Ever Need Overall, ActionPie BS1 promise a lot at a rather competitive price. If you are finding your earbuds to be underpowered and weak in general, chances are that you will appreciate what these have to offer.

AudioRumble rating 81/100

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